Anonymous asked:

You come off very little boyish in your photos, literally the only reason you can be distinguished as female is because your vagina is on constant display and is never covered up. Have you ever tried anything to make yourself more feminine or maybe tried seeing if anybody gives a fuck about your photos once you put clothes on?

Women don’t need to fall into a stereotype. Did you consider that I may actually love my sometimes boyish figure? And, as you can see by the ask I posted prior to this one, people are actually very interested in seeing more clothed photos of me. 

buenopower asked:

My dude. Do u ever get tired of being naked? Just curious. By the way... Props of u survivin' on being a freelance model. Respect for the hustle. Hope to meet u one day and collab on some fashion shif

I NEVER get tired of being naked! I wish I could be nude more often.

With that said, I’ve been doing more fashion work recently and have really been enjoying it.